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" My wedding went so smoothly, I did not stress out once. Thank you Katie! I got married in mid-June, and it was't until early May that I realized I did not have it together and I needed help. I spoke with a couple of wedding planners in the area. They were "nice" and very "polite", but they didn't give me that feeling of "it's going to be OK, I got you" feeling. I spoke with Katie and instantly felt like my wedding was going to be OK. She asked me what I needed, what had I not done yet, and even gave me advice before I hired her! Katie was so helpful and made things happen. Towards the end of the wedding planning, I lost steamed and she was there to pick it up and keep me going! If you're looking for a wedding planner that is a mover and shaker, she's the one! " Gloria V.

"Amazing! Simply the best and we couldn't be happier with their results! We found Katie and Karin of Southern Belle Events on the Knot after going through a few other vendors, and what really impressed us at first was the easy to see menu of options and clear pricing they offered, most other vendors were not as clear. Meeting them for the first time at a coffee shop we knew 5 minutes in that they were the ones to hire, and they would be our most important vendor we chose. They were friendly, allowed customization, and knew how to answer all our questions. We loved how we could throw any question or concern to them throughout the weeks leading up to the wedding and they responded with detail and great feedback. They mapped out everything for us, worked closely with our vendors and made it all seamless and effortless for us, which was huge. They worked so hard for us and it shows, they put us at ease and took care of everything behind the scenes. On the actual day of the event we were so nervous about seeing the venue, making sure all our vendors (decorations, DJ, furniture, venue, florist, catering, etc.) had been set up just the way we wanted it to be, and it was beyond our expectations! They did such an amazing job coordinating the vendors to our exact specification. They did an even better job coordinating the actual event, making sure we were in the right place at the right time, all while making sure we were having the time of our lives (which of course we were!). Katie and Karin make a great team, and out of everyone we worked with for our wedding they were the absolute reason our event was such a success. We couldn't be happier with their service and would highly highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding in the New Orleans area!" Melissa S.

 Booking Southern Belle was the hands-down best decision we made for the wedding. Katie and Karin made sure everything ran smoothly, kept us informed about everything we needed to know while handling the little things themselves (making everything as stress-free as possible), and calmed me down like professional negotiators when I had a slight meltdown on the morning-of LOL. We were all very impressed by how they maintained complete professionalism while showing so much patience and wonderful senses of humor (it IS New Orleans... don't most groomsmen miss the rehearsal because they lost their wallets and phone on Bourbon?). I can't say enough to express my gratitude to these wonderful ladies for everything they did for us. I highly recommend them to everyone getting married in the NOLA area, especially if you are slightly neurotic like me :) " Marisol J.

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